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About Us

Yeditepe Taşımacılık A.Ş has been found in 2005 in Izmir primarily by T.Alp TUGAN, who is currently the Chairman of the Board of Directors, as a private company. Due to founder’s past experiences and depending on the dynamism of his personality structure, airway transportation was the first preferred module.  On the way commenced as a single person, Yeditepe Tasimacilik was grown from day to day owing the Alp TUGHAN’s sectoral knowledge and experience.
Yeditepe Tasimacilik having started in 2007 to work with a 2-person staff preferred as its area of professionalism the “defense industry” and “spoilable cargo”, which currently continues. In 2008 the company has become to have a staff of 4 persons, and increased its product range and customer number. In the same year in order to provide the customers with a better service the company opened its 2nd office at the Adnan Menderes Airport. 

Yeditepe Tasimacilik succeeded to become a known company in the transport of the sectors “defense industry” and “spoilable cargo”, which was primarily preferred, and added in 2012 with its 10 person staff the “medical” cargo transportation to its structure. Meanwhile the company established its own warehouse in order to provide its customers with enhanced services. 

Nonetheless having preferred generally difficult and niche products, Yeditepe Tasimacilik having become a company mentioned also in the “general cargo” transportation increased its branch number in 2013 to four establishing two branches, one in Istanbul and the other one in Bodrum, and thus its staff reached 14 persons. 

Along this uptrend, Yeditepe Tasimacilik started to receive awards from the airlines. Yeditepe Tasimacilik currently owning regional first place rewards from entire airlines, has become in 2014 a joint-stock company and its title changed into Yeditepe Tasimacilik A.S.. 

Yeditepe Tasimacilik A.S. having obtained the first place of the Aegean Zone of the IATA rating with its 32-person staff in 2015 is ranked at the 6th place of the IATA Turkey rating. Taking place in this rating ensures the experience of the justified honor of being one of the limited companies with entire Turkish capital. 

Yeditepe Tasimacilik A.S. possessing 4 different network memberships, to which many agencies worldwide have memberships, also takes actual charge in the management of one of these networks. 

Yeditepe Tasimacilik A.S., having established in 2016 offices in Ankara and Dubai, has targeted to wave in 2016 the Turkish flag with honor in the sector, where the company struggles with global companies, and continues its course never giving up its values on its route. 

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